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Submitted on
December 15, 2013
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Chapter 1 - Your Life Begins Now

Jeff’s POV

“N-No! Stop!”

She screamed this, but I didn’t care. She needed to die.

This stupid woman, why did Slendy assign me to kill her? She seemed useless, heck; she was screaming her head off! Why should I kill someone that isn’t going to put up a fight? Nonetheless, I covered her mouth with my hand, leaning my head down towards hers. I put my mouth right up next to her ear, and whispered:

“Shh…just go…to…sleep…”

My blade slashes across her throat, and she stops moving.


I stretch my arms over my head, looking at my work. The man she was with; probably her husband; was lying over on the other side of the room, forever unmoving as well. At first, I thought that she was dead too. But I heard a faint whisper from below me.

“ a…good girl…I…I love you…”

____? Who the hell was ____? Slendy only assigned me to kill these two; he never specified anyone else…

“M-M-Mommy? Daddy?”

Those words were whispered by a small, child-like voice. I turn my head to see a little girl, no over the age of seven; she was wearing a [Favorite Color] nightgown, with her [Hair Length] [Hair Color] hair flowing behind her. Her [Eye Color] eyes were wide with horror as she stared into my unblinking ones.

Well then…

Guess I found ____...

Your POV

Your [Eye Color] orbs opened sleepily as you heard a noise downstairs. You slowly sat up, rubbing your eyes drowsily. Wondering what on earth could be going on this long past your bedtime, you slowly slid out of bed, leaving your room. When you made it downstairs, your eyes widened at what you saw.

Both of your parents were lying on the ground, surrounded by pools of a bright red liquid. There was a boy, around thirteen or so standing above them. He wore a pair of faded jeans and a white hoodie. At least, you thought the hoodie was white, but it was stained with so much red. He had long black hair, which prevented you from seeing his face.

“M-M-Mommy?” Daddy?” You whispered quietly. His head turns toward yours, and you gasp at the sight. He had no eyelids, and his eyes were wider than you thought was humanly possible. His skin was pure white, but he had a blood red smile that was seemingly cut into his face. You backed away slowly.

“W-Who are you? Why are you here?” You whimpered quietly.

He didn’t answer your questions, instead he just said:

“Are you that kid; ____?”

You looked at him, nodding slightly.

“Y-Yes, I am…w-w-what’s wrong with my mommy and daddy?”

He scoffed, turning away from you. A few seconds passed before he spoke again.

“They’re dead, kid.”

Your eyes widened. Dead? No, no, they couldn’t be dead. They just couldn’t be! If they were dead, then you…

You would never see them again…

“N-no…no! No, no, no!” You sobbed, burying your face in your small hands, letting your tears flow from your face. The boy stood there, watching as you sobbed to your heart’s content. Then, he walked over to you.

“Come with me.”

“W-What?” You whispered. You looked at him, and saw that his face had a look of…pity on it.

“Come with me,” He repeated. “So you don’t have to be alone.”

“W-Why? I don’t even k-know you…”

He twitched slightly.

“Would you rather stay here?” He scoffed.

You shook your head quickly, wiping away your tears and standing up. You looked at him.

“What’s your name, mister?” You asked.

He rolled his eyes, but answered.

“The names Jeff, kid.”

You nodded.

And so, the rest of your life began…

Tragedy strikes in your family, leaving you an orphan, confused, and downright broken. You’re just a seven year old kid; you shouldn’t have to be dealing with this at such a young age.

And did I mention that you’re living with a bunch of insane killers?

So, I'm skipping the prologue, and jumping straight into chapters for this story!

Next, I'm going to write the epilogue to Protector and Chapter 9 (( the last one )) of Secrets so this will be my only ongoing story.

Doing two at at time is just...

Kinda hard... ^^;

Hope you enjoy~

Jeff the Killer belongs to his rightful owner.

You belong to the Pasta of your choice.

Story belongs to CreepyPastaTiem/ Cara Bond.

Preview image belongs to :iconbleedingheartworks:

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(Just kidding! This story was awesome! But Jeff needs to grow the fuck up and respect child god dammit.)
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