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August 25, 2013
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Jeff took his eye mask of his eyes, his head pounding from who-knows-what. He sighed. What could it be now? He walks over to his mirror, taking a look at his reflection. His entire face was a light shade of red. He felt awful as well, his head was pounding, and he had to hold onto his dresser just to keep himself up. Maybe I should take it easy today… But his thoughts were crushed as he looked over at his calendar, with today’s date circled in red marker. (Insert Name)’s birthday… He sighed. Jeff and his friends had been planning a surprise party just for her. Everybody had pitched in; Jane had even taken a break from trying to murder Jeff! And it was important for Jeff. He had developed a crush on (Insert Name) a while ago, and was planning on telling her tonight…But how could he do that if he was sick? Jeff sighed. There was no way he would miss something as important as this just because of a little cold! With a reluctant sigh, he put on his normal white hoodie, which had been recently cleaned, and a pair of black dress pants. He then realized that the outfit was exactly the same as….That time. Screw it. He thought to himself.

“Come on, (Insert Name)!” Jeff yelled in a half annoyed, half excited voice. “We’re going to be late!”

“I’m coming!” She yelled back, rushing down the stairs. She stopped walking and stood in front of Jeff. She pulled some of her (Insert Hair Color) hair out of her face, revealing a confused look. “Where are we even going anyway?” Jeff chuckled.

“You’ll see…” Jeff took off walking. With an eye roll, (Insert Name) followed him. While opening the portal to the building, (Yes, portals don’t just take you to other dimensions) Jeff’s cold was starting to get to him, as he was getting dizzy. (Insert Name) seemed to notice this.

“Hey, Jeff,” She asked, worry hinting at her voice. “Are you okay?” Jeff just nodded quickly.

“I’m fine…” He muttered. (Insert Name) wasn’t convinced, but she left it alone. Jeff opened the portal, and led (Insert Name) inside.

“Jeff!” She yelled, walking into the dark room. “This room is-“ But her words were cut off as the lights snapped on, followed by a loud “SURPRISE!!” from the rest of the Pastas. (Insert Name)’s eyes widened. “What the...” She turned to Jeff, who was smiling.

“Happy birthday,” He said. She smiled. The party went on for a while, with everybody talking and having fun. Jeff however stood to the side, leaning against the wall. (Insert Name) noticed, and walked over to him.

“Hey Jeff,” She said. “Are you okay?”

“Like I said before (Insert Name), I’m-“ But his words were cut off as he was thrown into a massive coughing fit.

“Jeff!” (Insert Name) yelled, rushing over to catch him as he falls to his knees. After a few minutes, Jeff finally stopped coughing.

“Nngh…” Jeff let out a small squeak of pain. (Insert Name) sighed, and put her hand on his forehead.

“Jeff, you’re burning up, why didn’t you say something?” She asked. Jeff forced a smile on his face, despite the fact he always had one.

“I didn’t want you to miss this, and everybody put so much time into it, so…” Jeff trailed off. (Insert Name) sighed, and called over Slenderman.

“Yes, (Insert Name)?” The tall man asked.

“Jeff’s sick, I’m taking him home,” She explained. Slenderman sighed, and opened a portal for them to go through.

“Geez, Jeff, 103!” (Insert Name) said in awe at the high temperature on the thermometer Jeff had used. Jeff groaned. Even under a blanket, and in his clothes he had worn to the party, Jeff was still freezing.

“Don’t remind me…” Jeff muttered to himself. (Insert Name) sighed, and sat down on a chair. Jeff was confused. “(I-Insert Name), what are you doing?”

“You really think I’m just going to leave you here alone?” She asked, walking over so she was standing over Jeff.

“B-But your party! You don’t want to miss that!” Jeff exclaimed. Jeff let out a small gasp as (Insert Name) tightly grasped his shoulders.

“Jeff,” She said sternly. “I’m not going if you aren’t there. It won’t be the same without you.” She struggled to continue, a mad blush forming on her face. “Jeff, I-“ She didn’t have time to speak as Jeff’s lips connected with hers. Her eyes widened for a split second before returning the kiss. Jeff pulls her onto the bed in a hug, (Insert Name) tightening her grip on his shoulders. They didn’t know how long the kiss lasted before they broke apart, both with mad blushes on their faces.

“Guess that’s one way to tell you,” Jeff whispered, a grin forming on his face.

Jack was annoyed. He and his friends had spent SO much time on (Insert Name)’s party, and she wasn’t even here. Jack had been told by Slenderman to go see where (Insert Name) was, as she had taken Jeff back home a long time ago. Jack opened up a portal, and walked through. He walked up to Jeff’s room, and tapped on the door.

“Jeff?” He asked quietly. “(Insert Name)? Are you in there?” Hearing no answer, Jack decided to walk in. What he saw made a huge smile form behind his mask. Jeff was asleep, with (Insert Name) held protectively but lovingly in his arms. Jack quietly closed the door, careful not to wake the two. Jack went back to the party.

“Where are they?” Slenderman asked. Jack’s smile grew wider.

“Let’s just leave them be for now…”
Got this idea a while ago, so I wrote it as a oneshot.

I've seen other people do the exclamation point, so I decided to make it "professional". XD

I haven't been giving my favorite Creepypasta Eyeless Jack any love, so I decided to put him in it.


Ah, whatever, hope you enjoy!

Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, and Eyeless Jack belong to their rightful owners

Story belongs to: :iconcreepypastatiem:

You belong to: :iconjeffthekillerplz: :meow: (Who can say no to that face? XD)
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umm well sometimes my bday is on friday the 13th like 2013 yeah i share a bday with niall from1d and a cousin who is 10 years older like niall is yeah they are the same age
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Which Jack?
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I find it ironic that today (September 15) is my birthday. Only no one is doing shit for me.
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